Blocked Drains

KML Plumbing are a local family run plumbing business. We have been servicing the Gold Coast for over 17 years! We specialise in blocked drains Gold Coast, and can help you to unblock your drain and keep it working smoothly in the long term.

A blocked drain is annoying, sure, but it’s also dangerous to your health. You don’t want to leave a blocked drain too long before doing anything, as this could cause bigger, more expensive issues later on down the line. Our 40 years in business unblocking drains means we can quickly establish what it is that needs to be done and get your drain back to full working order.

Blocked Drain Clearing Experts

Our Gold Coast Blocked drains experts will clear your blocked drains, keep your drains working well and even provide recommendations where needed. We can also complete plumbing repairs for all blocked drains and pipes, as well as the installation of plumbing, pipes, and drains.

We use nothing but the best equipment during our services, and this helps us to provide a service that each and every client is happy with. Our equipment includes:

  • CCTV drain cameras
  • High pressure water jetters
  • Specialised high strength plumbing rods and plungers

We use the above to get things working again in the least amount of time in drain clearing, blocked drains, blocked sewers, blocked toilets, blocked shower drains, blocked sinks, blocked grease traps, blocked stormwater drains, and more.

We use CCTV cameras as they allow us to find the cause of the blockage. We will be able to identify the problem, whether it’s debris or a collapsed pipe. Using out methods will save you thousands in the long run, and prevent something worse from happening later on down the line.

KML Plumbing are a reliable Gold Coast Plumber who can take care of your drains for you and save you a fortune in the long run.

How To Avoid Blocking Your Drains

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to block up your drain, so knowing how to avoid this in advance is key to keeping things healthy.

  • Nappies - nappies are not designed to be flushed down the drain. They don’t degrade in water and will nearly always stick in the pipe and cause a blockage. This is possibly the biggest cause of a blocked drain.
  • Hair - hair can get stuck in showers and sinks, as it tends to come out during the washing process. Having a guard in place can prevent hair from causing a blockage.
  • Oils and fat - oils and fats can easily build up around U-bends. Oil and fat is heavier than water, so it can easily get stuck when it hits this part of your pipe. Oil and fat then solidifies, which causes a blockage no matter how much water you try to send down the drain. Putting fat or oil in the bin in a sealable container is a better idea.
  • Wipes - wipes should also go in the bin, as they can cause severe blockages. They are not designed to be flushed.
  • Condoms - condoms do not degrade in water, so the best place to put them is in the bin.
  • Feminine products - sanitary towels should go in the bin, as they do not degrade. Having a bin in the bathroom will make throwing feminine products away much easier.
  • Cotton buds and cotton wool - cotton buds and cotton wool is something that both adults use on themselves and on babies, and they should go in the bin, not down the toilet.
  • Coffee grounds - home filtered coffee is becoming more popular, but unfortunately, drains are now getting blocked by coffee grounds and filters. They shouldn’t be going near your water pipes.
  • Egg shells - not for the kitchen sink, as they can build up in your pipes. If you must throw them away, put them in the bin. However, there are other, more eco-friendly things you can do with egg shells, such as add them to your compost bin.
  • Paint - paint contains harmful chemicals and is not designed to be flushed through pipes. It should be sealed and disposed of in the bin.
  • Food waste - many people think they can get away with putting food in the sink, but it’s another huge cause of expensive blockages. It can be really smelly, too. Getting a waste disposal unit for the sink is a better idea, as it’ll blend food into tiny pieces before washing it away. However, the bin is also a good option.

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